To avoid ladder falls, read the instructions below:


To determine the proper ladder size, measure the total height you would like to reach and subtract the climber’s height. This is the highest standing level of the ladder that you should select. Here are some ladder safety tips to keep you injury-free

  • Always inspect the ladder. Check the ladder for any loose hinges or rungs, clean off any mud, grease, oil, or other slippery material that might have accumulated on the ladder, avoid using ladders with structural defects and use the ladder only for the purpose for which it was designed (refer to manufacturer’s labeling and recommendations).
  • Properly stabilize the ladder. Every ladder should be placed on a firm, level surface. Never place a ladder on ground that is uneven. Always engage the ladder locks or braces before climbing the ladder. Do not use on slippery surfaces. Do not place on boxes, unstable bases or scaffolds to gain additional height. Do not place in front of door opening toward ladder
  • Face the ladder when climbing up or down. Your body should be centered between the side rails. Maintain a firm grip and use both hands when climbing. Do not climb onto the ladder from the side.
  • Keep your ladder within reach of the job at hand. Position the ladder closest to your job and step off the ladder to reposition to your job. Don’t compromise your balance by extending your reach beyond the ladder.• Transport the ladder properly. Carry ladders parallel to the ground and tie ladders down securely when transporting.
  • Never leave a ladder set up and unattended. Special care should be taken to keep children away from all ladders.

• If you are in poor health, subject to fainting spells, have a physical handicap that would impair your climbing ability,you should not use a ladder.

• Do not use in high winds or during a storm.

• Stay focused on safety whenever you are on the ladder, and keep your body weight between the rails.

• DANGER! Aluminium Conducts Electricity! Do not let ladders of any material come in contact with live electrical wires.

• Do not overload. Ladders are meant for one person at a time only.