Introducing The Prime Ezee-Press Premium Ironing Table Built from Premium Quality Steel is Designed With Unique Features,
Which Helps You have a better Experience While Ironing.
The Aluminized Felt Surface Refracts heat While Saving around 50% Time, Effort, & Electricity When Compared to Other Cloth.
The Prime Ezee-Press Premium Ironing Table Come With Height Locking & Mechanism to Suit Your Comfort & has A Multi-Function Tray for Stacking Clothes.
This Product Comes with 3 Years Warranty On Manufacturing Defects.
We At Prime Believe In Manufacturing Our Products Without Compromising The Quality & Assuring Endurance To Our Customers.


  • Height Locking & Mechanism: It has a Height Locking & Mechanism to Suit Your Comfort, The Innovative Height Adjustment Handle Allows You to Adjust the Height & Locks Firmly in Place Once Adjusted.
  • Aluminized Felt: The Aluminized Felt Surface Refracts Heat While Saving Around 50%Time, Effort, Electricity Providing Hassle-Free Ironing Experience.
  • Clothes Stacker: An Extendable Hassle-Free Cloth Stacking Tray to Conveniently Stack Your Clothes While Ironing.
  • Anti-Skid PVC Shoes: These Specially Designed Anti-Skid PVC Shoes Keeps The Ironing Table Steady While ironing.
  • Heat-Resistant Iron Rest: The Iron Rest Is Specially Designed to Rest your Iron & Resist High Temperatures.