Get access to file cabinets, windows, shelves and kitchen storage units that have always been beyond your reach. Lightweight, durable and made of aluminium, the step ladder is a highly useful product and sure to come in handy in more ways than one.
It is quick and easy to install, you can reach a height from at least 7 feet upto 11 feet with its assistance and get done with the job at hand without any hassle. And that is not all, these ladders are exceptionally compact as it occupies very less space after folding and is made striking with and 15micron anodized finishing. It is covered by a five year warranty period.

Wood Lad


  • Extra strong platform.
  • Serrated Steps ensures anti-skid under wet conditions also.
  • Anti-Skid PVC Shoes.
  • Wood-Finish.
  • EN-131 Certified.
  • Light yet Strong.
  • Easily foldable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Product Model No. Height from bottom to the platform
(When opened)
Max. Reachable Height Height from bottom to the top arch
(when closed)
3 Steps PWSL 03 2’10” 8’10” 4’9”
4 Steps PWSL 04 3’7” 9’7” 5’7”
5 Steps PWSL 05 4’4” 10’4” 6’5”
6 Steps PWSL 06 5’1” 11’1” 7’2”